Playing the French horn blows

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The flute is so pretty. Silver, slender and refined. I had my heart set on being a flutist when singing up for band in Grade Six. I tried out many instruments but what I really, really wanted was that flute. However, I huffed and puffed but I couldn’t make a sound on the damn skinny thing. When it came to … Read More

Double suns legacy

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Calgary had two suns yesterday. At least that’s what it looked like to me. I wish I had brought my camera and I would have snapped a photo. But the flare would have ruined the picture anyway so I’ll share my experience with you through writing. There must be a scientific explanation for what I saw. Two twin glowing objects … Read More

Families include furry folk too

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It’s Family Day in Alberta and B.C. and a few other places in Canada. Many of you have the day off to hopefully go on some outdoor adventures or do something else cool with your clan. But it doesn’t just have to be with human family – there’s also our non-human kin. Two of my friends recently said goodbye to … Read More

Learning to land

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It’s pretty cool knowing how to fly an airplane. Being able to be the person to take the plane off the ground. And being the person who puts the wheels back on the ground. I’m one of those people. I have my private pilot’s licence and I learned at the controls of a Cessa 150 over Nova Scotia. The 150 … Read More

Find a penny and I will pick it up

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I published this story on my blog last year. But since my blog was hacked and the post disappeared I thought I would re-publish it in honour of Feb. 4, 2013 – the day the Canadian government starts phasing out the “copper” piece. The penny died today. And despite it being taken out of circulation I keep finding one cent … Read More

Happy birthday to me

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It’s coming… and it’s big and it’s scary and it’s…my birthday. I don’t usually shy away from turning another year older. But this is the year I turn (whisper please) 40. Yep. That means I’ve been on this earth for four decades. Wow. I just never thought I would get here. Not that I thought I was never going to … Read More

A business owners’ journey: A year in reflection

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Starting your own business is daunting especially when you have no idea how to begin. But in September 2011 I entered a self-employment program put on by MNP Calgary. It offered practical training in business planning, marketing, cash flow and other key areas of small business management. I launched my corporate and personal legacy writing company in 2012 with the … Read More

A site to see in the midst of winter

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In the skiing world, alpine gets all the glory. I love downhill skiing – it’s exciting and thrilling to send yourself down a steep slope while balancing on two planks. I learned in Grade 6 that downhill is awesome and got my own skis for Christmas when I was 16. The downside of downhill? It costs a lot. Cross-country skiing … Read More

Emotional words


I’ve been teaching a Life Writing workshop. For Class Two we talked about emotional writing and how to convey sentiments without using words like angry or happy. Those words are abstract concepts that can leave a reader feeling detached. The best way to express feelings in writing is to cut these words out and actually describe what the emotions bring … Read More