A bridge to the past and the future

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As a memoir writer, I’m usually the one asking questions and writing the stories. Recently though, the tables were turned when I was interviewed by University of Alberta (U of A) student Taylor Peckford. Taylor asked for my story as part of the U of A’s Community Services-Learning project. 

Community Service-Learning (CSL) connects U of A students with experiences outside the university community. It gives students the ability to interact with local groups and get first-hand experience out of the classroom. The Writers Guild of Alberta was chosen by CSL as a partner for an initiative. As a member of the guild, I volunteered to be interviewed by Taylor.

Taylor asked some questions that really made me think about my writing and how my life has shaped my craft. It was interesting to have to stretch my brain back to when I was first starting my memoir writing business, to where I am today. Taylor’s words have actually acted as a bridge from my past, to my present, to my future. She helped me take stock of where I am now. 

I enjoyed reading Taylor’s take on my story. As a student in the Faculty of Science, she is normally more comfortable in the analytical realm. English isn’t one of her favourite subjects but she said she liked working on the CSL assignment.

I asked the Fort McMurray-born woman what’s ahead for her and she said she’s looking forward to getting her first year under her belt. She’s definitely looking forward to this summer and some down time.

The link to the story is here: http://bit.ly/2RVuFNS