A business owners’ journey: A year in reflection

Family Lines logo.

Family Lines logo.

Starting your own business is daunting especially when you have no idea how to begin. But in September 2011 I entered a self-employment program put on by MNP Calgary. It offered practical training in business planning, marketing, cash flow and other key areas of small business management.

I launched my corporate and personal legacy writing company in 2012 with the basics learned from MNP. After being in business for a whole year MNP asked graduates to write a success story for the January 2013 entrepreneurial newsletter. Here is my narrative.

Crawling to Success

When I first entered the MNP self-employment program in the fall of 2011 I wanted success immediately. Right now! But the instructors said I had to learn how to crawl before I ran. They told me to have patience. So I used their building blocks to found the base of my company.

It’s been a year since I’ve launched my corporate and personal legacy writing business, Family Lines. And it’s been a hard year. A year of networking and cold calling and an empty bank account. A year of few ups and mostly downs. A year of learning and not to be one of success. Or so I thought.

In the beginning of December I signed two contracts. Small ones but to me they mean everything. To me they mean my business is still alive in 2013. The patience to crawl finally paid off.

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