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A dream memoir

Coaching an author along her way

Anna Bukowska is a memoir writer and one of my clients. I’ve been coaching her through her second book, Red Rusty Bicycle. It’s out now and such a beautiful read.

Red Rusty Bicycle is about a dream. Anna finds herself standing on a bicycle that her father gave her a long time ago. The bike is rusty now but she wants to hold onto it because it’s a piece of her past, something from her dad. Her father had battled addiction and Anna watched him struggle throughout her life. Anna and her bicycle go on a series of journeys, surreal but always tethered to Anna’s life experiences.

About the author

Anna speaks several different languages and has a melodic way with words. Her turns of phrases are lyrical and often make you think in a different way. It was an honour to work with someone who pushed the boundaries of literature and the memoir genre.

Rusty Red Bicycle

Rusty Red Bicycle is about a profound argument that I have in my nightly dreams. When I think about my old rusty red bicycle, I think about my father. It was his gift to me when I was younger.

While I was growing up, my father was a heavy drinker and I learned how to run away from him on my bike. In front of me, I had many bumpy roads but I pretended otherwise. I didn’t know how to face my uncertain reality or how to confront my dad’s demons. Today, diagnosed with a chronic memory disorder, my father is unable to remember the gift of the bike or me.

Tonight, the Rusty Red Bicycle takes me deep into surreal dreams, dark and narrow, like the corners of my native home of Poland.

I invite you to come along with me on my personal journey. Will the Red Rusty Bicycle help me change my perspective on my father's addiction? Or will I be lost to both.

Follow me into the night.

Red Rusty Bicycle is Anna's second book. Her first memoir is Omit.

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