Back to the future: Part 2

In Memoir by Lea

A morning moon atop Edmonton's High Level Bridge.
Edmonton’s High Level Bridge one April morning.

Staying home now doesn’t just mean not getting ill with the coronavirus, it also means saving lives. Last week, I asked you to write stories of people, places or things that you’d like to remember since being stuck inside. By remembering some of the good stuff, I’m hoping it’ll remind us about the things we’re looking forward to. So as promised, here’s my submission.

See the bridge in the distance? That’s Edmonton’s High Level Bridge. It’s a one-way span that moves traffic south: from downtown, over the North Saskatchewan River, on towards Calgary. I miss using that bridge to get to Calgary.  

I moved from Calgary to Edmonton over two years ago. It was a difficult change since I left many good friends behind. I had regularly seen them for coffee or a glass of wine or a walk or a hike. We always had something to talk about or debate or consider.

Before Covid-19, I drove the almost 300 km “home” once or twice a month. I got to see my Cowtown friends and catch up. It was great being able to be a part of their lives even though I no longer live in their city. Now we’re all dealing with a new illness, new societal guidelines and a new normal for everyone. That means staying home and not going to Calgary, especially during Easter. Easter has always been a large brunch hosted by the same family every year. We all overeat, drink and say that next year, there won’t be so much food.

This past Sunday, I still over-ate. My husband prepared a delicious meal of roast pork, buttery beans and cheesy potato croquettes in our Edmonton kitchen. It was a feast for the two of us and we have a myriad of containers filled with leftovers. It was a nice holiday evening, albeit a quieter one than usual.  

So while I think about the High Level Bridge and wonder when I’ll be able to drive across it on my way to see friends, I know staying home is the best way to protect them, me and my community. The first time I head back to Calgary will make for another story. I look forward to writing that one.