Breaking the story of self

Breaking the story of self
Carleen Marie – author

Carleen Marie has an interesting story to share with you. She recently published her memoir about her life altering transformation. Carleen experienced a Kundalini crisis. I had no idea what that was until I read her memoir and discovered a woman who was re-born after breaking out of a loop of painful thoughts, emotions and excruciating physical symptoms.

I don’t have much knowledge about Kundalini yoga, meditation or chakra energy. I have never been involved in that world of ancient practices that incorporate movement, dynamic breathing techniques and the chanting of mantras. Neither did Carleen before her “normal” life was shattered and she was forced to confront dark memories that wanted her to perpetuate the same “story of self” over and over again. 

Instead of living the same story, born out of a tough childhood and entrenched through constant migraines and other energy sapping memories, thoughts and expectations, Carleen Marie blew open her mind to a greater awakening and awareness.

To believe that life is working for us, I needed to believe in less tangible life lessons AND in the power of suffering to transform. Now when I hear about miracle cures, magic remedies and quick fixes I know the pitch is you will be free from suffering. Who doesn’t want that? But symptom management is not a cure. Health, healing and wholeness are a much bigger process of becoming. To heal we need to swim through our suffering again and again.

Page 167, Orchid of Fate

Orchid of Fate is not a self-help book. It’s a journey. The reader follows Carleen Marie on her path of discovery of her story of self, to where she is now: a strong and healthy woman immersed in a heart centred life.

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Breaking the story of self