A book opened under a blue sky with clouds.

Come On!

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This year, 2022, I’ve started sending out a monthly newsletter. In each issue, there are memoir writing tips, insights into the creative process and first access to writing prompts. It’s a two-way street and I also like hearing about your projects and success stories.

We all have stories that no one else can tell. Whether it is how you built a prosperous pizza restaurant or how you came here from another country—our life experiences and lessons deserve to be told.

I often use my own family stories as memoir writing examples on my weekly blog. I interviewed my two grandmothers years before I started my business and I’m so happy I did. It’s nice to hear their voices through their stories. I’ve been interviewing my parents, too but day-to-day life sometimes gets in the way. Plus, it’s work! Some days, I simply want to listen to my parents talk about how they met or the silly things my sisters and I did growing up.

Stories are our history

When we’re with loved ones, most of us tell stories. Ancestry websites and television shows that dig into family trees are only increasing in popularity. As well, I think it’s important to capture history not just in factual form but in story form, too. It’s cliché to say but we all have stories that are worth being handed down. Future generations can learn from our lives. We can show them what life was like when we had to get up to change the channel on the television or airplane food was free.

Some of you are writers as well. I like to give those of you who want to put your story down in your own words, the tools to do that. I do memoir writing coaching, teach writing workshops, edit and publish other writers’ work. So, let’s go write! Subscribe today.