Emotional words

Family_Lines_emotionsI’ve been teaching a Life Writing workshop. For Class Two we talked about emotional writing and how to convey sentiments without using words like angry or happy. Those words are abstract concepts that can leave a reader feeling detached. The best way to express feelings in writing is to cut these words out and actually describe what the emotions bring to a character’s face or body language or voice.

Next we did a writing exercise where we took an emotion word and wrote about it without using the word. We wrote for 10 minutes, then shared our stories and guessed which emotion we wrote about. Can you guess mine?

Oo lala! Baby, baby, Shake those hips. Give me all that you got.

I like those blue, blue eyes. I like how you use them to stare at me. Stare at me hard. Like you want me. Now.

Let me take your hand. Let me take you by the hand and lead you upstairs. Upstairs to my bedroom.

It’s dark in there. The shade is drawn. Blocking out the streetlight. Blocking out the moonlight. Blocking out the starlight.

It’ll only be you and me in there baby. We’ll leave our husband and wife behind. Just for tonight.