Good Riddance to 2020

Trees reflecting in a half-frozen pond on a winter's day in Dec. 2020.

As the sun sets on 2020, we say goodbye to a year that has changed the world for most of us. An ordinary 2020 would have been full of the regular memories of family and friend gatherings, attending weddings, celebrating milestones, hugging, kissing, meeting new babies, travelling abroad or taking road trips across the country. But 2020 was not to be run-of-the-mill. No, 2020 was about the should have beenswhat could have beens and what’s coming instead. It was also a year of firsts and lasts.  

The first time we put on masks to grocery shop. The first time we weren’t allowed to have people over for supper. The first time our children weren’t allowed to play with their friends.  

The last time we saw a loved one. The last time we turned off the lights at our offices. The last time we passed someone on the street and didn’t think, “Please, don’t give me Covid19.” 

I am not one who believes humans have to be happy all the time. I don’t believe in being positive all day and night long. We do need some cracks and wrinkles and dents to feel our whole range of emotions to let the light in … as clichéd as it sounds. However, we didn’t need this giant fissure called 2020 to break us wide open. Falling into the crevasse came with a price — whether it be health-related, financial or relationship-wise. In 2021, we’ll still be clambering out of the void but armed with a much deeper knowledge that shit happens. So let’s start climbing.