Hacking websites for kicks

This story is not a memory from long ago or a fond anecdote about a past adventure. It’s about being hacked a few of days ago. Right before I was a participant at a trade show. It makes me seethe now but it’s a lesson learned that I’ll be able to put to good use.

I’ve had websites and blogs for many years. I launched my first foray into HTML in 1999 when I took part in a Canadian internship that sent me to Africa. That website lived for over 15 years and no one ever touched it, except for me when I added photos and stories.

But somehow and for some reason, hackers targeted my two business websites that haven’t even been up for a year. I discovered it when I went to add something to one of my pages. It was blank except for one line at the lefthand top of the screen. I’m not going to repeat it here and give them the satisfaction of knowing they got to me.

So I spent two and a half days on the phone with my sites’ service provider trying to get the sinister codes removed. The company managed to do it an hour before I had to leave for the trade show. I shot something up on the homepages and left for the event hoping if people visited the sites they wouldn’t think I was a rinky-dink operation.

While mingling with the other small business owners at the sales event I vented about the situation. And found out I wasn’t alone. Two of the vendors had also been hacked and we shared stories about our ordeals.

At my booth at the trade show Nov. 16, 2012.

Listening to them I realized this is all part of owning a company. Bad things happen. Timing is irrelevant to whatever is going wrong. Things are going to occur that you don’t like and leave you ranting and raving and feeling terrible.

It’s OK to get down and feel blue for a moment. But then get over it. Don’t let the hackers have the last word. The two business owners I talked to set up their sites again and carried on. Like I’m doing today. Because this is what makes success worthwhile. To be able to clear the hurdles with some interesting stories in hand.

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