It’s a weird one, Mr. Grinch

For most of us, this festive season is an unusual one. We won’t be in the midst of family or on a tropical beach or even next door celebrating the holidays with friends and neighbours. For some of us, this festive season won’t feel like Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa at all because there’s someone missing from our usual family photoshoot. Christmas 2020 is not what any of us pictured and it, frankly, sucks.

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on many of our lives. The pandemic has changed what was normal, into risky behaviour. For centuries, we’ve been able to crowd into homes, restaurants and churches and celebrate together. We’ve been able to hug people and pass babies around while listening to carols. We’ve been able to share food and drinks and toast the future.  

Well, that future seems to be infected.

I’m not going to sugar coat this post and tell you to think about all the happy memories of Christmases past. Sometimes you simply need to say, “This is terrible.”

Sometimes you simply need to cry and vent and rant and rage.

Sometimes you simply need to punch the wall or sprint as fast as you can until you can’t go any further.

Not everything is pretty and sparkling. Not every experience can be positive. But these are moments that are also part of our stories – welcome or not. Let’s hope next year, we can write a new chapter, one where Covid19 is only a memory.