It’s about time

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My niece is getting a watch for Christmas. It’s on her list and my husband and I didn’t even know that when we bought the timepiece in Kalispell, Montana a few months ago. I had seen it and liked it and thought it would make a good gift for an eight-year-old.

I was around that age when I received my first watch. It was a present from my parents one Christmas morning. The watch was a Timex with two black leather straps and a bold face marred by two hands and numbers. I thought: Why isn’t it digital? It’s much easier to tell time with a digital watch.

I always struggled with numbers and now I had to wear them on my wrist. There was adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and now…telling time? What was I going to do? Well, my mother knew what to do. She was going to teach me.

She sat me down for hours and minutes and seconds on end. She attempted to make me understand quarter after and five o’clock and 10:30. But it all sounded like Roman numerals to me. Besides, I didn’t have time to learn about time. I had things to do, people to play with; places to go where there were no analog clocks.

Then one day, it all clicked into place. I knew what mom is talking about! Even the 5 after 2 and the 10 to 12. I could read my watch! It only took several days of tutorials and coercing.

My sister, my niece’s mother, asked me if the watch we’re giving her is digital. I told her, no.

“She can’t tell time but I guess it will encourage her to learn,” said my sister.

Just give her some time.