A stick person on top of the world.

Jargon world – a pandemic memo

Jargon world - a pandemic memo
That’s my interpretation of a person standing at the top of the world.This drawing is an example of why we need artists.

The pandemic has stretched many of us far too thin. If you work in a creative field, like me, you might be experiencing a low or no work period. Not earning a paycheque from writing or art or photography etc. means we can’t sustain ourselves. We have to look at other opportunities and this means finding work in other industries. What does this say for a future without professional artists and writers?

Let’s unpack this.   

Going forward, a world without creative types will have many businesses pivoting and navigating a paradigm shift. As a result, companies will have to hit the ground running to get the ball rolling. Managers will have fulsome discussions about blue-sky thinking and how to action projects. Hence, thinking outside the box. These brainstorming sessions will be win-win and put them on the same page and level the playing field. Thus, being humbled and grateful for the deep dive for the close of play. Now let’s double click and huddle and socialize this. But with no value added.