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Legacy Letters

Leave A Legacy in Letters

A legacy letter is your thoughts in the form of a letter to your loved ones when you’re alive. You can leave thoughts of love or a life lesson or an experience you wish your family or friends to remember. A legacy letter should speak from your heart.

Write Now

A legacy letter is a great way to take stock of where you are in your life right now, consider your relationships and appreciate the gifts you have to offer. A letter can be a vehicle for reaching out to others now, rather than later. Letters can also help you reflect upon your life in new ways.

Legacy letters let you express how thankful you are to the person who helped you blossom in your career or held your hand through a critical time. We love our children but we may forget to say it to them every day. Maybe they only remembered our stress. Tell them you love them in a letter they’ll keep forever. What will you say in your legacy letter?

Creative Challenge – write a letter to yourself in the past starting with Dear Past Me.

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