Memoir as poem

Mount Begbie.

Mount Begbie in Revelstoke, B.C. on a rainy day.

Memoirs aren’t strictly a written record of events. You can use poetry instead of prose. Both are expressions of creativity but poetry gives the writer, and reader, licence to use words in different ways.

Robert Frost, a renowned U.S. poet, used verse to remember certain moments in his life. His work, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, is one such example.

I am certainly not in any league with Frost but I do like to create rhythmic literary memoirs. One day while living in Revelstoke in 2009, I was waiting for a summer storm to crash into the afternoon. Here is how I captured the moment.


Mountain rain storm

No thunder

Or lightening

Just the resonance of drops hitting the



A natural on unnatural sound

I want something amazing to


To see electricity reach out from the sky

to strike out from the


To collide with the green peaks

A fragment of magic in the

Midst of ordinary

There it is


A crack, a peal, a shard of a noise through noise


So deafening it splits the clouds

They break

and I can see a perfect hole of


Burned into the dark sky.

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