Line of bikes and racers at a triathalon.

Cycling memoir prompt

Line of bikes and racers at a triathalon.
Racers getting ready at Kin Beach, Vernon, B.C.

The Tour de France is on! I love it even though there are several reasons why I shouldn’t (doping, women’s cycling is largely ignored, etc.). I follow Marcel Kittel, a German former Tour de France racing cyclist, on Instagram. The other day, the sprinter asked followers for stories about their “biggest personal sprint disappointment.” I didn’t think I had one until I remembered a July day in Vernon, B.C. This is how I responded to Kittel’s request:

My first triathlon. Cycle portion. Our ages written on our legs in black marker. I’m 35. Woman ahead of me on the bike is 18. I catch her and pass her going up the hills. Steep hills! But she somehow manages to speed by going down the hills – which is how she wins the sprint to the finish. I thought – was it age? Was it equipment? Was it weight that helped her get to the finish line before me? At any rate, it all added up to disappointment for me. That woman would now be around 30. I hope she’s still fast on the downhills but looks over her shoulder now and then when she’s about to sprint.

So what’s your story? Do you have a sporting disappointment? Share it with me.

Our Family Lines founder at the start of a triathlon.
At the start of the sprint triathalon in Vernon, B. C.
Cycling memoir prompt
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Cycling memoir prompt
A disappointing sprint to the finish line – memories from a triathlon and a memoir prompt.
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