Be creative with prompts.

Memoir Prompts – A Nudge in the Write Direction

Get your creative juices flowing with story prompts. They’re valuable tools to guide you in the writing process. Prompts are nudges towards specific topic, questions or scenarios. Prompts help give you focus and can generate ideas and structure.


Prompts as Story Triggers

Idea generation:

Prompts serve as a starting point, triggering your thought process and enabling you to generate ideas and concepts related to the given topic. They provide a foundation to start you on your path to writing.

Focus and direction:

Writing without a clear direction can be challenging. Prompts help by providing a specific subject or question and prevent your writing from becoming aimless or scattered.

Overcoming writer's block:

Sometimes, when faced with a blank page, it can be difficult to get started. Prompts offer a jumpstart. They help overcome writer's block by giving you an idea and a creative push.

Organization and structure:

Prompts often suggest a particular structure or format for the response. For instance, a prompt might ask for a list, a comparison or a step-by-step guide. Such prompts can assist you in organizing your thoughts and presenting them in a logical manner.

Exploration of different perspectives:

Prompts can encourage you to explore various viewpoints or consider alternative angles on a given topic. They “prompt” you to think critically and approach the subject from different angles. This adds depth and richness to your writing.

Time efficiency:

Prompts narrow down the scope of your writing task and allowing you to focus on specific details. Instead of writing about three different ideas, a prompt asks you to hone in on your story.

Where to be Prompted

You can find prompts everywhere. There are tonnes online to scope out. You can also use nudges from your life. Listening to a song that brings up a memory? There you go. Reading a book where a character reminds you of your great-uncle Jorge? Write a story about him. In the meantime, here’s a prompt for you:

Now I’m going to turn the tables, send me a prompt!