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Memoir Writing Services

Our Family Lines provides you with an exclusive memoir writing service for families and companies. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta but work with people all over the world via video. Our business offers full-service coverage from the initial consultation to finalizing the publication process. We talk to you, compile interviews, photos, videos and letters and then write and publish your story. We have experience in many genres and forms of writing from fiction, to non-fiction and from books, to ebooks, to blogs, to articles and much more.

We want you to share and tell your stories and not have them lost to time. Give your past a future by connecting through your wealth of experiences, knowledge and lessons found in your stories.

Memoir Writing Services

The following is our step-by-step process regarding our memoir writing services. Our memoir writing service begins with a free consultation, then we move on to scheduled interviews and gathering media (photos and video, etc.), followed by the writing process and finishing with the publishing of your book – in print, ebook or both. Don’t let your memories be lost. Share your unique experiences in your stories today. Contact us today to arrange a meeting date for an initial free consultation.

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Firstly, our process begins with a free consultation. This is where we  get to know you and listen to your story. We will plan for future interviews, media collection and deadlines to make sure your book is published on time. 



Secondly, we move on to interviews where you tell us about your life. You'll also select photos, images and other documents to feature in your book.

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Thirdly, we'll shape your experiences and life lessons into a compelling story. The writing stage is where we craft your story into your desired form, whether a blog, an article or a written memoir.

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Lastly, we go through the publishing phase and have your written material readily available.  You can now share your story with family, friends, new audiences or future clients. However, you can also choose to have your story private. The choice is up to you.