Nova Scotia

Immense grief, shock and disbelief are rolling over Canada. Nova Scotians are deep in mourning and despair after senseless act after senseless act took many lives. It’s terrible and as a Bluenoser, I can’t fathom the evil that burst out of a human, changing the province and its people forever.

One of my sisters locked her doors when she got the news that there was an intruder in her community. Thankfully, her family is safe but they have lost friends, people who were worlds on their own. They had children, loved ones, friends, pets, jobs…lives. I hope they’ll be remembered in stories and photos and by the smiles their memories create.  

Nova Scotia – we can’t hide from our history. Some of it is incredible while some of it is shameful. This event hurts and marks the province again. But like the highest tides on the planet that have been filling and emptying in the Bay of Fundy for centuries, you, too, will prevail.    

A photo of fields and sky.
Debert, Nova Scotia, summer 2018.