Ghost writing / re-writing: have an idea for a book but don’t know how to get started? We’ll turn your inspiration into a masterpiece that we’ll independently publish in hardcopy book form or as an ebook. Manuscript $3,000 to $8,000 per 100 pages (Hourly rate: $65.)

Editing: Have your novel or story edited by a professional. Basic editing, copy editing and proof reading. $55 an hour.

Wedding website writer: Need help writing your wedding website? Creating the wording for your wedding website is just one more thing on your list of things “to do”. Hand it over to us. We’ll welcome your guests to a personalized home page as well as craft everything from how you two met to your wedding day details. $100 per page

Personalized wedding photobooks: Have your wonderful photos displayed in a book. Share your special day through photographs in a memory book. $1,500 including hard cover bespoke book.

Home sweet home: preserve your space. Memorialize your home or a special building with a personalized book that provides a record of a space and its ambience. Record the history of the infrastructure, landscape, interiors and past and present residents. Starting at $8,000.

Publishing: want to publish your book independently but don’t have the technical skills? We will lay out your book or ebook. For hardcopy books, we can do small print runs from one book to how many you require. $2,000 for an approximately 80 page book with 20 images.

Brochure writing (no graphics work): $300 for text only.
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