Poetry Moves on Transit

Edmonton buses picking up passengers on Jasper Avenue.
Edmonton Transit Service buses picking up passengers on Jasper Avenue.

One of my poems is going for a ride on the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS)! It’s one of four entries chosen in a fall poetry contest.

The contest was held by Poetry Moves on Transit, an Edmonton Poetry Festival project that places poetry on ETS vehicles. Three times a year, a call goes out for poems. This autumn, 73 people submitted 135 poems that were judged by a jury. My piece made the cut.

Each poem has to be a maximum of 10 lines, 10 words per line. This year’s theme is listening. To be honest, I thought the poems had to be about transit so I used my experiences as a cyclist amongst the buses and LRT (light rail transit) of Edmonton and Calgary. The vehicles can be so, so quiet that often, they sneak up on me. They’ve always reminded me of sea beasts…leviathans.

My poem, Leviathan, along with three others will be posted in 800 ETS buses on Monday, Dec. 9, 2019.  Click here to read it as well as the others who paint beautiful pictures with words.