Our Family Lines Cow story.

Shake Up Your Writing

A Mooving Story

I like diving into creative writing to fire my imagination. As a result, one  of my stories has made it onto the pages of an anthology. My tale, Talking to a Cow, is in the compilation Cow. There are 71 writers who took on all things bovine in poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction for the book. For a sneak peek, click here.

You might ask, “Why did you write a story about a cow?”

Why not?

Freshen Up Your Creativity

You don’t have to write only about people. Stretch your mind and imagination and become a cat or a dog or a piece of furniture. Being creative also means thinking outside that box, you know the one, it keeps us in our place. But jump out of it and write about something you never thought of writing about before. Pretend you’re an alien who has never seen a sandwich before.

Switch genres. Go from writing mysteries, to writing a romance. Script a screenplay. Create some verses of poetry. Get that song down on paper. Write a memoir in third person. Really!

We should be shaking ourselves up from time to time. Some other ways to freshen up our creativity is to write using paper and pen instead of your computer (or the other way around if you use paper and pen). Write somewhere loud. Write somewhere quiet. Go outside and write. Write at night or early in the morning. Write something that scares you. Write something that makes you feel great. Whatever you do, do the opposite once in a while. Don’t be scared to take risks with your stories.

I’m off to the airport soon so I’m going to break out my laptop while I’m waiting for my flight. I’m going to start typing and see what that gets me. A fellow traveller might inspire an interesting character or event.

How are you going to mix up your creativity today? Tell me!

Get your bovine fix here:

Cow - paperback

Cow - ePub

Cow - Kindle