Six words memoir

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Where some of the lake monsters were born.

A six word memoir…can it be done? Yes, says SMITH Magazine. The magazine states six words make you get to the point. That six words are a catalyst for self-expression. That six words force you to be creatively creative.

I tend to think that while six words certainly hit the bone and pare down to the very essence of your anecdote, you miss some of the best parts. Those best parts, like description and emotion and well, the story, are left to be made up by other people’s imaginations. By leaving most of the tale unwritten, you have shaped a piece of fiction when you wanted to tell the truth. I thought I would try a few six word memoirs anyway.

Gusts send sand into my eyes.

Gap workers always have to fold.

Lake monsters live in my mind.

Even my eyebrows sweat in Africa.

Gap store.

I once worked at a Gap. And spent many an hour folding.

I’m not sure if any of the above “memoirs” worked and I am fighting the urge to include more details. But I won’t.

What’s your six word memoir?

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