Springing back into university

Acadia University Hall.

Acadia University Hall in sunny springtime. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Spring has sprung – officially. Unofficially most days in Calgary feel like they’re struggling to understand their new seasonal identity. They haven’t shed winter yet and it’s been snowing and cold for a few days now. There was one day last week when the temperature hit 18 and we could believe warmer weather was coming. That day also reminded me of being in university and about the joys of April.

When you’re in university and the sun starts to get hotter and the snow starts to melt and the green grass starts to show – you break out the shorts. It doesn’t matter that there’s still a slight chill to the breeze, it’s time to chuck those heavy layers and put on something light. The bulky weight of winter is gone and we’re free to move about unrestricted by ice and cold and cumbersome coats and boots.

When you’re in university and it’s spring everyone is in a great mood. Smiling and laughing and telling jokes. Students walk to meal hall with uplifted spirits no matter what’s on the menu for supper. Couples hold hands while strolling around campus and stop to sit and cuddle under a tree. Others get out bicycles or inline skates or baseball mitts. Let’s go outside and enjoy the beautiful day.

Oh wait.


I forgot about those.

The one downside to a happy spring collegiate life. That means going back inside and sitting down and ignoring the golden rays bouncing off the bare pavement. Hitting the books instead of hitting a baseball. Studying instead of strolling. Reading instead or relaxing. OK. I’ll cram for a little bit. An hour or two at most but then I’m going outside to sit with my friends in the sunshine and watch the world go by. We’re only young once.

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