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A memoir book by Connie Genilo.

Memories: A Legacy of Love by Connie Genilo.

When I first met Connie Genilo in Calgary a few years ago, she was dreaming about putting her story into print. Well, she’s done it and has published her memoir. Congratulations!

Connie was a participant in my memoir writing class in 2015. I was teaching at the Kerby Centre, a place for seniors to meet, learn and socialize, and helping students tell their stories. I start with the basics, show don’t tell, and then build up from there. After six weeks, people have a few stories under their belt. Connie didn’t want to stop there.

We continued meeting and she continued to write. I learned that Connie is originally from the Philippines and raised by kind and generous parents. She met and married the love of her life, Dr. Rafael Cruz Genilo, despite her protective father sending the dogs out to chase him. Connie and her husband had three children and many grandchildren and she is passing her words on to them.

When you are feeling lost and trying to find your way, may my story and that of our ancestors lead you gently back home. Consuelo De Ocampo Genilo

Memories: A Legacy of Love is available on Amazon: