Lea Storry is a published and indie published writer. Her writing is featured in:

Other works have appeared in The Black Table, CBC online and The Long Way Home anthology from DreamCatcher Books and Publishing.

Saltwater Sorrows book cover.

Saltwater Sorrows


My short story Seaweed and gossip is a tale about a woman who comes home to the ocean.

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Never Cheat a Witch book cover.

Never Cheat a Witch


My short story Law of Spells is one tale about cheating the supernatural.

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Our Family Lines Cow story.

Cow Pure Slush Vol. 23


Talking to a Cow by me (Lea Storry) is one of 71 tales about cows .

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Cow - paperback

Cow - ePub

Cow - Kindle

A book cover with various cogs and wheels.

A Woman Built By Man

M.E. and Her by me (Lea Storry) is one of 21 horror tales from women authors.

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Two books on a table.

Just in Time for Christmas

My story is one of seven featured in the Christmas Romance Digest 2021: Home for the Holidays.

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A book cover with a raven flying among the northern lights.

The Raven Named Flight and How She Learned to Fly



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Audreys Books

Flight has flown all the way to Yellowknife! The Raven named Flight and How She Learned to Fly is available at the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre. On her way, she stopped in Enterprise and copies of her book can be found at Winnie’s Dene Art Gallery and Gift Shop.


The Raven Named Flight and How She Learned to Fly

Japanese edition:



Lea Storry outside holding the poster of her poem "Leviathan."

Poetry Moves on Transit

My poem, Leviathan, was one of four entries chosen in the Poetry Moves on Transit contest.






This important anthology commemorates the 100th anniversary since the end of the First World War with proceeds going to support programs for veterans living with PTSD.


Life of Pie: prairie poems and prose