No name women

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The stories of women and other cultures and minorities are often lost to history. Claim your place.

A bridge to the past and the future

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As a memoir writer, I’m usually the one asking questions and writing the stories. Recently though, the tables were turned when I was interviewed by University of Alberta (U of …

Art belongs to everyone

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For the past five years, I’ve been part of an organization called This is My City Art Society (TMC). TMC was a non-profit organization in Calgary that matched professional artists …

It’s about time

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My niece is getting a watch for Christmas. It’s on her list and my husband and I didn’t even know that when we bought the timepiece in Kalispell, Montana a …

Write your memoir!

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Learn how to craft your memoir through writing exercises and thought-provoking questions with me. Wednesday, Feb. 6 until March 13. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Metro Continuing Education Lillian Osborne School: …