The way it really was: My life

Man and book.

Karl all smiles with his book.

I just finished a memoir project with Karl. He had been searching for someone to help him write his story and found me. He had a lot of his thoughts already written out in German and translated these words into English for me. I asked him many questions and we ended up with a first person account of his life: The way it really was: My life. If you’re interested in reading his story, click here for the PDF: The way it really was: My life.

This is the story of Karl, a German man who was born in Sudetenland, orphaned at age four, soldier at age 16, a prisoner of war for over three years and once released, spent time searching for his adopted family in a divided Germany after they were kicked off their farm in the former Czechoslovakia.

Karl has wrestled with the fact that he was left with nothing after his father and mother were expelled from Sudetenland. He has struggled for acceptance and meaning in Germany and Canada. Now, at 85, he’s found a semblance of a peaceful life.

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