Weather or not – here comes vacation

In Memoir by Lea

The Alberta Legislature during a brief respite from rain.

Covid-19 hasn’t done many people any favours. It’s hurt families, cut us off from each other and cancelled plans. This weekend, I’m supposed to be hopping on an airplane and heading east for a wedding and a break. Thanks to the corona virus, that’s not happening.

Instead, I’m sticking around the West. That would be great if the weather hadn’t been so immensely wet and cold. The climate in Edmonton has been dreadful and at times, the clouds resemble grey concrete walls imprisoning the residents of the YEG. (I know it has been no picnic in Calgary either.) Despite no break in the weather, I have to have one. So if you’re phoning me or e-mailing me or texting me, I’m not going to reply. But your favourite memoir writer / ghostwriter will answer all your queries when I return to work in two weeks. Until then, I’ll be making memories rain or shine.