Write Time

My story, "It’ll be a Piece of Pie," is one of several in the book "Life of Pie."
My story It’ll be a Piece of Pie is one of several in the book Life of Pie.

The Corona Virus is bringing each of our worlds almost to a standstill. Our routines are shortening. Our bailiwicks are shrinking. Our social circles are getting smaller as we self-isolate at home. Hopefully, boredom will be the most significant cause for concern while we weather the Covid19 storm.

One way to combat having nothing to do after running out of work, conversation or Netflix, is to be creative. Use your downtime to write (or paint or sculpt or dance). Writing contests are great ways to flex your artistic muscles and get moving. Calls for stories also keep writers motivated and give us different subjects to stretch our minds. I wrote about pie for an anthology that came out last Saturday, Mar. 14, on International Pi Day.

I wouldn’t have filled my pages with words about flour and berries before coming acrust (haha?) the call for submissions. However, I wanted to challenge my writing and this was an excellent way to do it. My story It’ll be a Piece of Pie, is one of several in the book Life of Pie. The book is indie published and stuffed with sweet, savoury and mathematical delights. You can get a slice by e-mailing: rollingpinspress@shaw.ca.

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting writing contests and calls for stories. It’s important to remember that there’s more to life than Covid19.  So don’t just sit and stare into space, write!