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Memoir Writing

We have written, co-written, ghostwritten and edited many memoirs. We keep as close to the storyteller’s voice as possible so the words sound authentic and just like the author intends. We take large amounts of information, complex events and situations as well as sensitive subjects and craft them into a book that a reader won’t put down.


Have your novel or story edited by a professional. Basic editing, copy editing and proofreading.


If you already have the words but need a helping hand to put it in book or ebook form, We do that too. We are an indie-publisher (indie meaning independent) and we do book layouts for authors looking for alternatives to traditional publishing houses.  

We also do:


The projects below are a sample of books that we have either co-written, copyedited, proofread, published and/or all the above.

I wrote a piece about a Mount Allison University ghost that connects in a way I never imagined to my memoir writing business: Mount Allison’s ghost story lives with me still was first published in the First Person section online on Oct. 28, 2020 and then in the newspaper on Oct. 29, 2020.

Ed and Dorothy: Rocky Mountain Romance is a 300-page book about a war bride who came from London, U.K.to the Banff backcountry in 1948. Her husband was a Canadian soldier who fought in Dieppe and Normandy. I wrote, edited, designed the cover and published the book in paperback and ebook.

A man and a woman on horses with Castle Mountain behind them.

Debbie Ehrstien is an incredible woman. She is a survivor of sexual abuse and her book, The Dissociate, A memoir of secrets and survival of childhood sexual abuse shares her message and goal: to stop childhood sexual abuse and tell survivors they are not alone. I coached Debbie while she was writing her book and I also edited and published her powerful words.

I first heard Kristy Lee Thackeray’s amazing story when she was a participant in one of my memoir writing classes. I coached her while she was writing Transplanting Hope: My life – Someone Else’s Heart and edited her book. Kristy’s memoir is for anyone who wants to laugh and cry as the author shares her, and her young daughter’s, heart transplant journeys.

I helped a Calgary woman write her story about her battle against the Chinese government, especially its legal system. Karen Patterson was living in China in 2010 when her husband, Chinese artist Wu Yuren, disappeared. The book, TAKING ON CHINA: How I Freed My Husband from Jail, focuses on Karen’s fight to get him released. I also edited and published the paperback and ebook.

I edited and published five of Dr. Elijah Guy Ekisa’s ebooks. As a clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Ekisa has devoted four decades to helping individuals overcome challenges caused by loss of mental or physical health and disruptions in social, spiritual, financial and relationship wellbeing.

This is My City Art Society (TMC) put out a legacy book in 2019. TMC was a non-profit organization in Calgary that matched professional artists with artists who were homeless, had addictions or were vulnerable in our society. Not only did people create wonderful art, they created a community. The book is part of TMC’s legacy as it turns the page and starts a new chapter. I curated the material and published the book.

I wrote, edited and published Ilse-Christa Folkens memoir about her journey to find Christ.

Carleen Marie has an interesting story to share with you. Her memoir, Orchid of Fate, is about her life altering transformation. Carleen experienced a Kundalini crisis and was re-born after breaking out of a loop of painful thoughts, emotions and excruciating physical symptoms. I published her book in paperback and ebook.

Anna Bukowska has a lyrical and poetic way with words. She wrote a dream memoir, Omit, about her childhood in Poland and then her journey to Canada. I edited the Vancouver author’s book and designed the cover for her.

I’m a published author too.

One of my short stories was included in the It’ll be a Piece of Pie anthology. The book was launched on Saturday, March 14, 2020 (Pi Pie Day ) by Rolling Pins Press.

My poem Leviathan went for a ride on the Edmonton Transit Service in the winter of 2020. It was one of four entries chosen in a poetry contest.

My non-fiction short story Stumbling on History in Hong Kong was published in Alexandra Writers Centre War Memory Project anthology in the fall of 2019.

One of my short fiction stories is in print in an anthology by Leap books: Fright Before Christmas: 13 Tales of Holiday Horrors.

(Audio story. Don’t listen before bedtime…)

Of course, I’ve also indie-published two of my own books. You can find them in my Bookstore.