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Writing the End of Your Memoir

End Write

Beginning, Middle and End

The past few newsletters have been about how to start your stories and how to keep motivated to write. That’s all important stuff but some of you might be nearing the end stage of your project. Now what happens?

The End is Nigh

Some memoirs will end naturally. This happens when you arrive at the present or the time period you’ve been writing about comes to a close. Also, you might just be tired of reminiscing and typing and need to stop and go outside. But what if this isn’t you? What if you’re struggling to finish your project?

End Points

Your memoir is a journey through your life. Think about the stories you’ve already written and their themes – things like life lessons, love, family, etc. Is there anything you can add? Anything you need to show you’ve overcome or accomplished? If not, perhaps this writing journey is over.

Memoirs are not solely for deep and transfiguring moments, they’re stories about adventure, travel and more. If there’s another trip or career tale you want to add, ask yourself if it merits being included in your book. You can always save it for material to use in your next book. Plus, you’re going to need your time now for editing! How fun…

Creative Challenge – tell me how close you are to finishing your story? 

People walking on a pier at sunset.